VinnyTravels Owner of Elmira Fashion Boutique 3AM now offering Grill services

Elmira based Fashion Boutique 3AM has quickly become a staple in local high fashion apparel. Carrying world famous brands such as Gucci, and Supreme, to new age up and coming brands like Elizabeth Hilfiger‘s Foo and Foo.

Beyond the fashion, 3AM has even hosted concerts and now Elmiras very first official “Skate and Bake“, a full-blown skating competition on August 20th. Complete with a panel of judges including Elmira rising starYung Smiley.

The Flyer for 3am’s First Annual Skate and Bake

Pushing the envelope of the typical fashion entrepreneur and clothing designer, owner and proprietor VinnyTravels has begun offering a new service to keep his customers smiling ear to ear, Grills. Not only is he getting local customers shining but internationally as well.

We sat down with VinnyTravels to get the scoop on how it all goes down and what it’s like to be an example for the youth who aspire to be their own boss.

What got you interested in branching out your fashion business into doing Grills?

” So with the grill thing, it started off with me getting my first piece. I was flying to Miami I knew I was flying back into New York and there was this guy his names Gabby Elan, I followed him on Instagram he did Tyler the Creators piece. So I went and made an appointment with him. And when I went in there it was like how simplistic it was but you can tell they were still making money. And when i got it and came back I just realized like nobody has Grills here really. And when I had my piece in idk man it was just a different feeling ik how I feel when my shits in, I feel like I’m shinin’.

So how did you end up linking up with your supplier?

“So I was like cool I got linked up and right now I’m working under a brand called Milk & Honey. So this is how it works, they’re based out of London and they’ve never done any U.S based anything and there kind of in a little pocket in London called Hat & Garden. So I found em on Instagram and they only had 10k followers and you know they were doing pieces but they weren’t big. I knew Gabby was too big. So with them(milk & honey) I sent em my pitch and they hit me back like we don’t discuss business through message. Had to book the ticket from JFK to London and the jeweler said that’s what impressed me the most cause I was out there within a week.

What type of Grills do you offer?

Basically how the grills work is you come into the store, we got all the metals you want, we design your piece. So it starts with the type of metal you wanna get so this would be silver and this is dental. Gabby Elan doesn’t offer dental so dental is a little bit cheaper it’s the same thing that your dentist would use for a cap or a crown, it doesn’t tarnish its still resilient its like 9k gold its strong but its just cheaper, it’s like a mix of bunch of different metals basically. We do the silver joint you can get the regular cap or you can get what we call the window which is like the open face. Then we do dental gold you can get the window or the open face and then we do 9k all the way up to 18k. We also do diamonds so you can get the SI, a VS. And there’s deals obviously when you get more. But the main thing with grills I really want people to understand is we do the best work we have a master goldsmith right on site in hat & garden in London these are the best metals you can get.”

Can you breakdown the process of your role in getting a custom grill done all the way from London?

“This is where I come in is this, let’s say you can obviously go to London and get your molds taken there that’s an option, but they don’t have anybody here. You can go to NYC and find a jeweler there or whatever but with me here and working directly with the jeweler anything that comes up like when I take your molds I send a picture to the jeweler to make sure everything is gonna be good before I ship it out then I ship your piece out. Im able to basically be the fly in the room in London it’s full transparency. “

Do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs who want to try something new but are intimidated by the market?

“I want people to look at the stuff I do and think it’s mediocre it’s not hard, because now you start to do it, what im doing is not hard bro like at all”

Be sure to stop in and see VinnyTravels over at 3AM in Elmira Heights on 106 W 14th Street for all of your Grill needs as well as your trending fashion needs. Stay in the loop with all thingsVinnyTravels and 3AM through the links below and don’t forget to keep supporting your locals!

Written by: Joshua Chaffer

Published: August 20th, 2022