Emerging artist Flizzity Fluent drops second studio album Red Flags

Flizzity Fluent album cover Red Flags
Album cover to Red Flags

Emerging musical talent Flizzity Fluent has just released his second studio album Red Flags. A 16 track in depth project that contains a plethora of sounds, influences and experiences. Released on September 9th, Flizzity dropped four singles over the course of 4 weeks prior to the album release including one of the most popular songs so far “Mrs. Juicy“. Produced by TrizzyBeatz and mixed by none other than Tee Melly, the track became the number 2 top song on Flizzity’s Apple Music before the album even dropped. Melly also lent his expertise to the tracks “Droptop Coupe” and “Lonely“.

The remaining 13 songs were mixed and mastered by Georgia based creative Greg Meredith. According to Flizzity, Greg played a major role in crafting and fine tuning the sounds of the album to the desired tune.

From the conception of this project’s creation stages, Greg was keyed in on the concept, purpose, and direction of this project, and could truly not have been completed without his presence, expertise, and most importantly, his impressive amount of patience shown as each track went through numerous and tedious mixing sessions.”

The album is loaded with production from 14 different producers, and features Georgia based sister duo Da Neighbors on the song “Buggin” as well as Caneriesilas on the track “Mac Miller“. The latter being the most recent aquisition to Flizzity Fluents’ own label “FKA” or Formally Known As.

Flizzity’s creativity knows no bounds in this album as he also introduced an alter ego on the intro and outro tracks as the third feature he calls “Father Flizzity“. He goes on to explain that his presence on the project is a representation of him finding better understanding in Gods word.

Father Flizzity is one of my alter-egos, who takes the shape of a southern spiritual guide, and puts the message of the Lord, and of myself into sermon cuts throughout this album”

The “Red Flags” artist pours himself into the creation of this album bringing with him genre bending musical styles as well as spritual and southern inspirations. Each track on the album gives us different vibes and lacks nothing in the sense of musical experimentation.

Be sure to keep up with Flizzity Fluent through his socials and check out Red Flags below and on all streaming platforms. Don’t forget to keep supporting your locals!

Written by: Joshua Chaffer

Published: September 10th, 2022