Blane Bent drops Divine Dragoon his second project release of 2022

Divine Dragoon cover
Cover to Divine Dragoon by Angel Hernandez

Bravo Bicasso a.k.a Blane Bent just dropped his fifth release and second project of 2022, Divine Dragoon. A 6 track EP produced entirely by favored Blane collaborator Forgotten. Sticking to his love of numerology, this is the fourth time this year Blane has released music on the 22nd of the month.

We got a chance to chop it up with Blane on the creation of Divine Dragoon, what separates his sound and more. Read up on the full interview below .

Divine Dragoon tracklist
Back cover of Divine Dragoon

Q: Is Divine Dragoon inspired by an anime of the same title?

It’s inspired by a classic playstation game thats 4 discs long called The Legend of Dragoon. My older brother Terry & I would play it heavy right along with all the Final Fantasy’s when we were kids.

Q: What sets this project apart from your most recent one Final Form?

“What sets D i v i n e D r a g o o n apart is that it’s a continuation from where I left off on the actual track Final Form. It’s a new form ironic enough that I was able to obtain by harnessing the memories and emotions I had as a kid. Discovering my imagination and what gives me the goosebumps, whenever I would play the games I relate too.

Final Form was me showing self mastery by fighting the imaginary Final boss in my head, while Divine Dragoon would be my higher self enhancing my faith and beliefs every step of the way. As well as a healthy reminder in my catalogue to always pray.”

Q: Is there anything you feel you did differently with this project? Like your mindset?

“I feel like mentally I was able to travel back in time and pull exactly what I needed to transcend to the next level. The artwork that’s beautifully designed by my good friend Angel Hernandez has easily helped me to piece up the lyrics and melodies needed for this 6 song masterpiece. With the type of music I make I feel like i’m able to mesh both the spirit world and the simulated world we live in. Thanks to DBrown Sounds engineering my voice skillfully with the auto tune i’m able to paint freely to create colorful soundscapes. There’s a reason why im Bravo Bicasso.

Q: Was your last single release “Turtle Doves” ever gonna be on the project at all? Or was it just released as a single to hype the project up a bit?

Well Turtle Doves was a gift to the fans, which was a spontaneous two pack that had songs like Hope Diamond & Immortal Kombat. The pack also features my good friends Notise Balla, The Army of Two and Misses Sick07. We were able to freestyle our verses and draw from themes like the Titanic and Mortal Kombat for those pieces in particular.

The concept of Turtle Doves was inspired by the movie Home Alone, and since the artwork had the letter B with the wings on it I was like what would Macaulay Culkin do ? In totality though it was a test run to see how my producers Forgotten & Raisi K. would sound together if by chance I were able to produce a full length LP with just them. I believe in them that much to get the job done, and so far im proud of the new formula.

Blane Bent logo
Cover to “Turtle Doves”

Q: Speaking of forgotten did he produce every track on Divine Dragoon?

“Yes indeed, Forgotten produced all the beats once again! When you find such a divine chemistry with someone it’s best for you to lock in and produce as much as you can. To be honest though, it’s like we got some supernatural vibes going on, because I constantly hear new ideas and pockets for my angelic voice. These days i’m not questioning my intuition about anything or anyone. It might sound cold, but that’s just where i’m at in life, so i listen carefully.”

Q: You consistently set yourself apart from your peers with your lyrical content and the inspirations that drive it, besides the actual game Divine Dragoon, what would you say inspired you the most to craft this project the way you did?

To be honest my mother has always been the biggest inspiration for me. She’s truly responsible for the type of faith and belief system I have in myself. Always telling me to pray and work hard for things I want out of life. That’s where songs on the project like Believe & Prosperous come from. Everyday text messages from mom.

On the Intro Divine Dragon Cannon I talk about feeling on top of the world thanks to her, and how I age as a Black Man I understand my Pops points of view. Thus making me the glitch in the system to break thy cycle and shed light and love to my expanding demographic”

Divine Dragoon is available on all streaming platforms now! Check it out on Spotify below and keep up with Blane through his social links. Don’t forget to keep supporting your locals!

Published: June 1st, 2022

Written By: Joshua Chaffer