Ithaca veteran Blane Bent shows lyrical prowess in first LP Final Form

Final Form Blane Bent Album
Album cover to Final Form

The Badmón of Ithaca Blane Bent, is kicking off his 2022 with his first LP Final Form. The project was hinted at in our interview with Blane back in September of 2021. Incorporating his strong belief in numerology, Final Form will be dropping February 22nd making the release date 2-22-22.

The project consists of twelve tracks of lyrical wizardry that take you on a sonic journey of Blanes inspirations, views and beliefs. He details what listeners can expect to hear from the album.

” It’s really the only project that you can listen top to bottom and just hear my thoughts, how I feel, my place in the world and how I view it through my perspective. I’m still working on the second LP but this one is kind of like a statement”

Final Form is engineered by long time collaborator D Brown Sounds and fully produced by Forgotten, who also pieced together the sounds for Blanes last project Predalien: Chapter Black.

Blane Bent Predalien chapter black EP
Cover to Predalien: Chapter Black

Keeping the same team around him is something that Blane believes is essential to developing his sound and the strong relationship with his collaborators and music.

” You know truthfully I’ve worked with so many producers throughout my career and I felt like with final form being my first LP out there, it just made sense to lock in with key people. I felt like it was only right in my decade of creating to just lock in and I think I owed it to myself to keep it the same”

The album is loaded with genre bending double entendres that have grown into a calling card for Blane. When asked about the subject matter that fills out the twelve tracks he says it’s consistent with what he’s brought to the table for years and it’s what sets his sound apart from most artists.

” Yeah man just being yourself at all times is key, and I feel like I’ve been doin that since I came into the game. What’s really the representation of artists bringing what you grew up on like anime into the forefront so you see it visually as well as sonically?

Staying a step ahead of the release, Blane has already dropped some merch for the album in the form of CDs. Sticking to the 22 theme the physical copies are currently available for 22 dollars each.

CDs of Final Form

Stay tuned on 2-22-22 for Final Form on all streaming services. Keep up with Blane and all his releases through his socials below and be sure to grab your physical copy of the album from him as well. Don’t forget to keep supporting your locals!!

The Tracklist to Final Form

Written By: Joshua Chaffer

Published: February 19th, 2022