Ryan Bronson makes a statement with deluxe version of latest album “Application of Love”

Ryan Bronson Application of Love album
The cover to Application of Love Deluxe

Rising star Ryan Bronson out of Waverly NY has released the deluxe version to his summer time, Itunes charting album Application of Love. Adding an additional seven tracks to the album, taking the total count to 24 songs and proving that longer in depth projects can still be very successful. Completely engineered and almost fully produced by long time friend and fellow Upstate sensation Jake Daniels, Application of Love provides a familiar vibe with plenty of new sounds.

This is his 12th project available on streaming services and the 4th he has released since the Covid-19 pandemic began. While the title gives us a clear idea of what the music entails, Bronson in his own words tells us the reason behind the name and how the album came about.

So honestly I wanted to make an album of love songs. We were in quarantine when I started creating it. I’m in a happy and loving relationship and I’m one of those people who think the world can be saved and changed by love. Then I came across this really old speech titled “Application of Love” by this person named Mother Waddles. I looked her up and she did alot of charity work and what not and I thought one, this is the perfect intro and two, its a perfect album title.”

The original album coming off of an astounding number of pre-orders, debuted at number 16 on the Alternative charts back in late June. This being the fifth time Bronson has made it on the charts and is also the highest debut from him yet.

Both versions of Application of Love soared past 100,000 streams in just over the first two months for the original release and three days for the deluxe. This is his most successful album to date and even features other unique artists including Mark Battles, Justin Rogers, Christina Rotondo and more.

Two tracks from the love inspired album “In My Head” and “Broken Dreams” already have visuals up on YouTube and Bronson says they won’t be the last to come from the project with more videos coming very soon.

Visuals to “In My Head” by Ryan Bronson and shot by Koldgangshine

When asked about whats next in terms of pushing the album further Bronson says he’s in the process of getting merch ready and lining up shows.

There’s a merch line I’m prepping right now and potential show/tour dates in the works as well but nothing really set in stone. Scheduling has been hard post-pandemic because of everyone trying to get back on the road and what not. Definitely alot of content to come though. “

He just recently opened up for Afroman and has two more appearances October 3rd in Minneapolis and October 4th in Iowa City opening for Dax.

Photo of Ryan Bronson and Afroman
Ryan Bronson(right) with Afroman(left) after a show in Iowa City

Be sure to keep an eye out for new merch and visuals, follow Ryan Bronson through his socials below and don’t forget to keep supporting your locals!!

Written By: Joshua Chaffer
Published: September 27th, 2021