Blane Bent discusses creative EP Predalien: Chapter Black

Blane Bent project Predalien Chapter Black
Cover to Predalien: Chapter Black by Angel Hernandez

Upstate veteran Blane Bent is back with his latest creation Predalien: Chapter Black. A six track EP produced solely by Forgotten, this project showcases the essence of Blane at its finest and is his first project release of the year.

Hailing from Ithaca NY and working heavily in the area for over a decade, Blane has developed a rare and unique sound. Staying true to his form and style, he incorporates his passion for animation, movies, music, history and culture into his craft. Pure creativity and freedom of mind is what allows his art and music to be so wide ranging.

Photo of Blane Bent
Photo of Blane

We got to chop it up with Blane on his latest EP, what inspires his music and more. Read up on the full interview below!

So what inspired you for the title and the wicked cover art?

Yeah the title of the project Predalien: chapter black, at the time I was working on a EP called final form which I think I might transition to an LP, but there were certain songs on there that were like singles that were going to have its own artwork and I bought beats intentionally back in 2020 just to save them for a situation. So those beats I ended up using going into 2021, and with the whole storming the capital situation and creating off of that I got a song called Predalien and that was gonna be its own single. But then I said you know what lemme gather my resources, hit up my photographer Ange, and just pop a shot. Cause I had ordered the Predator mask and I had borrowed the claws from a dear friend that I remembered him having for years, the gun you see in the artwork is from the fifth element. I had the tactical gloves and the tactical vest its just a chef of everything. I tried to make and create my own rank and class, basically saying I’m a Predator and an Alien with my craft.

Where did the Chapter Black part of the title come from?

With the storming of the capital, different information on these vaccines and covid and just pandemonium around the world were in those chapter black times right now those dark times. Just trying to capture the times that were facing collectively. “

Sonically this EP is wild, who all lent a hand in crafting the sounds behind the scenes?

The Engineering is all D Brown Sounds his name is David Brown and all the production is produced by Forgotten, he’s a talented producer I found on the internet.”

What made you want to to drop an EP instead of a longer project?

“For the tracklist there’s a total of 6 songs and its a solo project. I think this might be the first EP I’ve put out with that length. The play is a total of 17 minutes and 15 seconds so…short songs but I added quite a few layers to them so hopefully they can last and hang around you know what I’m saying.”

Blane Bent logo
Blane Bent logo

Will you be planning any merch with this release or in the near future?

Yeah man I wanna drop merch and definitely give people a piece of me cause were in the energy business. We might even have something for Christmas.”

Check out Predalien: Chapter Black below and on all major streaming platforms. Keep up with Blane and his team through their socials and don’t forget to keep supporting your locals!

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Written By: Joshua Chaffer
Published: September 30th, 2021