A’Don announces debut album “Mixed Vibes” set for June 4th release

“Mixed Vibes” Album Cover

With his debut album “Mixed Vibes” set to release on June 4th, A’Don out of Elmira has emerged as a strong component of the Upstate R&B scene. This being his first release since late February when he collaborated with fellow 607 artists Dswizz and Mar$ for the popular song “Fancy“. Known for his amazing vocals and ability to perform, A’Don is one of the few young artists out of Upstate that can transfer his raw emotion to powerful lyricism that in turn creates relatable music.

607 Sound linked up with A’don to discuss his first studio album, who we can expect to hear on it and also what influenced the project. Read the full interview below!

Is this going to be a solo album or can we expect to see a feature or two mixed in?

This album has 13 tracks total with only one of them being a feature with DSwizz

Dswizz, the sole feature on “Mixed Vibes” performing at a Juneteenth event in Elmira

Was there any major inspiration or influence for the name “Mixed Vibes”?

Throughout my life I’ve had a bunch of different experiences when it comes to relationships of any kind and each one has left me feeling with a different mix of emotions and this album consists of songs that I’ve written at different points in my life during different relationships

So who did you get to do the production for the album? Is there just one or several producers involved

Half of it was done by me at my own home studio and the other half was done by the GREAT Capion Poole at FMG recording studios and my studio is actually named “Newest School Entertainment”. With the production of the album also came a few writers such as K@T, DSwizz, and StrawhatSuper.

Capion the Great working hard at FMG Recording Studios

Is “Newest School Entertainment” something that developed from the pandemic or something you had already looked into getting prior to it?

I would say it’s always been a thought in my mind. I was just able to focus more heavily on it during quarantine

Do you feel that you have more freedom of creativity with a home studio?

100% have way more creative freedom! It’s giving me a chance to come up with ideas and then send them to other people

Is there anyone you havent worked with yet in the 607 that you would like to?

Definitely K@T. I would also say probably TMako Cmore OG Quest and Rome Clientele

Do you plan on dropping any album merch for the release?

Yes! I plan on dropping a line of album merch called “mXv” shirts, hats, hard cd copies of the album, posters and I’m gonna actually try to get the album on Vinyl as well

Check out “Mixed Vibes” by A’Don on all streaming services June 4th! Keep your eyes open for the accompanying album merch as well and dont forget to keep supporting your locals!

Written By: Joshua Chaffer
Published: April 23rd, 2021