MBK Richy breaks into the U.S iTunes top 30 with new album “Divine”

Divine album cover

607 Sound got to chop it up with Upstate heavyweight MBK Richy on the success of his 4th studio album “Divine” and who he is as an artist. The project released on April 9th to hungry fans eagerly awaiting the first album from Richy since December of 2019, it immediately recieved high praise.

Within 24 hours of the release, Richy was given the stamp of approval by none other than Jadakiss himself who is quoted as saying while listening to his music,

“I stand behind that like blue magic

MBK Richy with Jadakiss
Photo courtesy of Penpushas Photography

The album became an instant favorite amongst fans and within just a few days, made an appearance on the itunes hip-hop album charts at 99. Soon after, “Divine” launched its way into 27th place surrounded by legendary company such as Eminem, Post Malone and the late DMX.

Check out our interview with MBK Richy and learn more about his life, his crew and new music we can expect.


I’m just a kid from small Auburn , NY with an extreme love for music . We started recording around 12-13 years old. I grew up in Auburn , graduated there and went off to college where I actually graduated. I was doing music the whole time and also was a full time battle rapper during a period. After finishing college and securing that I realized I wanted to pursue music full time and give it a real shot.

So being from Auburn, are the efforts of other artists from the 315 fuel to the fire so to speak? For example, artists like Stove God Cooks, Scorey, and Toosii.

It’s great to see, it lets you know it’s possible. Especially for a dude like Stove God who sticks to his essence. Shows there is a fan base for all types of music. I use it as motivation mostly. Them spreading the light on Upstate is great though and benefits us all to have successful people in the area to refer to in the music world.

Congrats on the itunes charting by the way man what did the project peak at?

Appreciate it bro, it made it to 27 somehow lol shits crazy

iTunes Hip-Hop album chart

Is Cap your sole in house producer?

No I outsource beats mainly for now . Cap is my engineer and does some A&R work. I find the beats and write the songs, I then send them to Cap, he brainstorms on what we could do to add to it production wise and then we start the recording process.

The track “lotta smoke” features two of the best heavy hitters that the 607 has to offer with Anthony Kannon and Blicka Don and is a personal favorite on the album. Did you have the song planned out with those two specifically in mind or did it just come together that way?

It was the last song recorded man . I knew I needed a straight lyrical bar track and wanted to bring others on the track but I wanted certified spitters to rhyme with that could hang and those two were the first and close to only I could think of. I always wanted a joint with us 3, and it was beautiful. The chemistry was insane and they did more than hang . I’m going to use this opportunity to tease the project us 3 are working on together called Crew 4 Hire

Anthony Kannon(left) and Blicka Don(right)

Is Crew 4 Hire looking like 2021 material or do you think it will be something to drop for next year?

I believe this year, gonna be nuts

After the immediate success of the album can we expect to see any “Divine” merch rolling out?

Haven’t even thought about it bro , but that sounds like a go my man

Divine” is available on all streaming services now and you can check it out below. Follow MBK Richy on his social media to keep up with updates on all his music and merch. Dont forget to keep supporting your locals!!

Written By: Joshua Chaffer
Published: April 16th, 2021