Jake Daniels drops ominous new single “Killer”

The Cover art to “Killer”

Jake Daniels is back with another signature hit single, only this one is named “Killer“. Said to be his “darkest song yet” by Jake himself, this one is assured to be a thrill ride showcasing a side of his repertoire we have yet to hear. He adds that

Killer is the follow up record to The Show and Two Face. Following the same characters story with multiple personalities, and it is meant to be the last in the trilogy.”

If history tells us anything, it’s that Jake consistently displays immense vocal creativity in his music and experimenting with new sounds has proved to be quite successful for his previous hit singles.One of his most popular songs to-date “Two-Face“, shows what can happen when attempting something new and applying different artistical elements to a song. According to Jakes’ spotify bio, “Two-Face” garnered over eight million streams globally in its first six months of release.

Astounding numbers that contributed to building a fan base that at one point pushed him over the 100,000 monthly listeners mark on spotify. Currently he sits at roughly 86,000.

Don’t miss Jake Daniels newest single “Killer“, available on all streaming platforms now. Check it out below as well and dont forget to keep supporting your locals!

Written By: Joshua Chaffer
Published: April 23rd, 2021