Anthony Kannon drops newest single “Simple & Plain”

Anthony Kannon just released his latest single “Simple & Plain” on all major streaming services. The first in what’s been assured to be a long line of drops this year, kannon continues to carve out his position in the Upstate conversation.

This is is his 3rd major release so far this year while also being featured on five collaboration tracks with local 607 artists, including Tee Mellys’ EP “Dying to Live“. He told 607 Sound that he plans on “Dropping every two weeks, possibly for the rest of the year”. That kind of output could result in a possible 18 new tracks being released this year alone.

It’s clear theres gonna be a wide variety of music coming from kannons corner as he continues to stay busy and apply pressure. So stay tuned for the latest releases, check out “Simple & Plain” on our singles page, and dont forget to support your locals!

Written By: Josh Chaffer
Published: May 1st, 2020

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