Badmón Blane is back to talk about his latest EP Pandemic Payback

The Upstate journeyman Blane Bent is relentless this year with his 4th project release of 2022, Pandemic Payback. With the follow up to Wasted Bent, the 6 track EP comes equipped with a multitude of new sounds with production coming from Bandit Luce, Audio Geometry, Cameron Blake, Primega, and NY Bangers who produced Young M.A’s viral hit “Ooouuu“. As always the project is fully engineered by D Brown Sounds.

Step into the mind of Blane as he discusses what inspired his Payback on the pandemic, his change of pace with production as well as how he pieced together one of his most cohesive projects to date. Read up on the full interview below.

This being your fourth project release of the year and 3rd EP, can you elaborate on the title and how exactly you got your “Pandemic Payback”?

You see I got my payback in various ways that was all written in codes. The pandemic made many people around the world resign from their long term jobs based off their political stances on taking jabs including me. The fact that i’m alive and well drawing every breath to paint a colorful picture using my voice fuels me not only to inspire those listening, but to document the times as an artist, while trying to survive. The title itself has a catchy alliteration to get the message across, but the artwork is very detailed and equipped with key items of what you would need to stay alive. Everything you need Godspeed to the backpack!”

After playing the project through it felt like you had something to get off your chest with this one

Absolutely true my G! I’ve been sprinkling my point of views here and there about the pandemic in my previous contributions to the game to let people know this is not a game. I took a couple shots at our government, my local news outlet Ithaca voice and much more. The reality is i’m telling everyone in rap to pack it up and figure it out.”

The cover art might be your most unique since Predalien Chapter Black, what inspired the “survival pack”?

Well you know I play black ops cold war zombies from time to time and the self revive logo had me thinking one day. I felt like to reflect on the digital dark times were in it was only right to express why it’s important to have a bug out back pack in case if shit hits the fan. My lady and I have our backpacks ready in real life as well, because I believe it’s better to stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready, feel me ?

A majority of producers on the EP we haven’t seen you work with before how did you all come together for this one?

Well you know even though i’m the only vocalist on the project I felt like sharing the spotlight as well as merging them into my catalogue. Personally i’m already good friends with “Primega”, “Audio Geometry”, and “Cameron Blake” so the music came naturally. As for “NY Bangers” i’ve rapped on his beats before, but I haven’t quite built the relationship with him in real time. Same for “Bandit Luce” except this time it’s our first collaboration on one of my favorite songs on the tape, which is the intro called “Festival Papi”. What can I say I love passing the ball to the people I believe in. Another 6 pack for my core fans.”

It’s fire to see you linking up with Cameron Blake for his production he’s been putting out some dope music in the 607 for a while, have you two linked up before this project?

Yeah man my guy has been diligently working on his craft for a minute now and I respect it. We’ve discussed a joint project in the past and he sent me a few sounds, one of which was “Aim High”. I’m sure we’ll chef up something soon as he recently rebranded himself. Right now this was just the first gold brick to lay down. Salute to that man.”

In the song “ammo” you change flows multiple times and bring wicked punchlines, what would you say your favorite or most lyrical track on the project is?

It’s true the song “Ammo” definitely lived up to its title for finding different pockets on the beat to go off like that, but I honestly would say my favorite lyrical track on the project would be “Omen Form”. I wanted to shed a light on Kevin Samuels recent transition from the world, while being clever enough to have him and his message live on throughout my work. I had this beat from “Primega”, a good friend of mine awhile back along with “Fortified Soldiers”. I’m just thankful it all worked out when it was time to get busy.

You can give Pandemic Payback a spin below and on all streaming services. Keep up with the Badmón through his social links and don’t forget to keep supporting your locals!

Written by: Joshua Chaffer

Published: August 17th, 2022