Blane Bent continues strong 2022 with 3rd project release Wasted Bent

Wasted Bent art cover

Blane Bent is continuing his hot streak in 2022 with yet another EP Wasted Bent, his second of the year and third project since January. The title being a double entendre including his namesake, Wasted Bent is the first in the string of Blanes latest releases to feature other artists. With vocals coming from Deflex, Stunnah Beatz, and Superb, it’s also his first to be crafted with production from Keyrim.

Blane chopped it up with us on his latest creation, working with new producers and artists, and how to stay consistent. Read up on the full interview below!

So the title Wasted Bent, you have to elaborate on and what does it mean to you?

Well It’s everything you just mentioned while being a double entendre by adding my last name Bent, which in modern lingo means the same as being wasted, faded etc. We also took some inspiration from Grand Theft Auto for the direction of the artwork and gave it a color scheme that represents the Lakers basketball team signifying purple and gold. It’s also a tribute piece to the legend Kobe Bryant on the intro Song “Sixth Man of The Year” featuring Deflex. This one really drives home the theme while showing chemistry on how we pass the ball in this sport called Hip Hop.”

The production is missing forgotten this time around which is the first this year. Who all had a hand in its creation?

Yeah man I felt like mixing it up this time around. I know me and Forgotten have been going back to back with the new formula, but i’m always experimenting with a different sound. The producers who had a hand on the EP would be Saint Kid for 3 songs “Sixth Man of The Year”, “Gullah Gullah Island” & “Star From The Satellite”.

We got Stunnah Beatz for 2 songs “Wasted Bent” & “United States of Smash”. I’ve worked with him in the past on a EP called Lottery Winner so I was already familiar with his sound. These 2 pieces in particular are very vital to this project because I express in certain points of my career where I felt bent out of shape sharing what felt like at the time wasted talent.

Last, but not least a fresh new producer in my arsenal Keyrim! He produced what I like to believe is a potential hit song called “That’s What I Like” featuring my guy Superb. I feel like we meshed very well together on that song ,being that it was everyones first time collaborating. Definitely locking in for more future anthems with Keyrim. “

This is one of your only projects to have features this year, how did you link up with these guys and what made you wanna choose this project to be graced with the features?

Honestly what got the ball rolling was when my friend Deflex over heard the song “Sixth Man of The Year” through the headset, while me and the gang were playing Halo. Like I stated in the song I know how to pass ya know ? He’s a childhood friend back when I used to live in Florida with my older brother Terry. Being that he’s also a new artist in the south I figured it would be dope for him to be apart of the catalogue and overall just be a team player.

In 2019 I went facebook live in the studio with DBrown Sounds and tagged Superb on what we pieced up so far. The audience that tapped in that night showed us so much love and gave feedback that I knew from there we got one! Ever since then its been vaulted due to us working on other projects, but In the back of my mind I had a game plan on how to bring it back to life with a fun themed project. “

Wasted Bent tracklist

At the start of the year did you plan on dropping so many projects before the second half of the year?

Oh absolutely! This was all written and strategized years ago my friend. The calendar in my phone is very essential because I schedule my releases way in advance to calculate the cost of it all. Trying to feed your dreams out of 9 to 5 money isn’t easy, and in this pandemic we all still have bills to pay. This type of work ethic comes from having complete discipline and patience throughout the whole process.

At the time it seemed crazy to my peers and close friends to rapid release songs weekly and monthly. If you look around and check the temperature now it’s the new standard. I definitely took the arrows and criticisms for such a bold move though. As an entrepreneur, such as yourself, you know it’s quite expensive to be this consistent; however it only made me that much colder in the end. The new emerging fanbase on Soundcloud showers me with priceless comments about my work, and I let that fuel me at times when I’m low energy to keep creating.

Can you hint at any more drops for this year or will you be on a hiatus after Wasted Bent?

Fam i’m tryna max out this whole year! No brakes! Just me and my rhymes! With that being said another EP, Pandemic Payback is set to drop next month July on the 22nd! You know for me man im only competing with self around here. I feel like i’m one of the unknown top tier pioneers in upstate, and as a student of the game, I can honestly say I took a few pages out of Drakes play book on how to stay dominate for over a decade releasing music. “

Is there any specific producers you would like to bring in on a Blane project?

I have a few in mind so far, but i’m open to finding more producers that have different sounds. I didn’t realize at the time Deuce Ellis made the beat “71607”, but I like the mood and direction he executed. Currently i’m working on a album with just two producers as a new formula I plan to run with, but we’ll see what moves my pen in the near future.”

Did you have a favorite experience in making Wasted Bent like hearing a certain beat or recording a certain track?

Thinking back on its earlier development I would say my favorite experience always would be creating fresh concepts that connect. I find pleasure in making EPs feel like there albums, and i’ve received many complements from friends that would often tell me the endings to my projects made them feel like it was a cliff hanger. This method of writing works well in my favor because it lets me know my audience is hungry for more. Everything that we’ve built and put out has a purpose, especially when your coming out of pocket. I’m just making the best use of what I have while i’m here.”

Wasted Bent is streaming on all platforms now. Check it out below and stay up to date with Blane and his latest releases through his social links. Don’t forget to keep supporting your locals!

Written By: Joshua Chaffer

Published: June 25th, 2022