Jake Daniels has first label release through Unique Vibes

Jake Daniels Patient
Jake Daniels “Patient” cover art

One of the many names catching fire out of Upstate NY is Jake Daniels. A native of Elmira, the past few years has seen him develop a work ethic and passion for music that is matched only by his willingness to help other artists and creatives. Extremely professional in his craft, Daniels is known for his high quality pop and R&B smashes such as “What’s Love“, “Overrated“, and “Two Face“.

Jake Daniels “What’s Love” on Unique Vibes YouTube Channel

The sounds of his music are finely tuned to that of radio hits and film soundtracks, chiefly because he also does his own production and engineering. His most recent drop is an amazing song called “Patient” whom he signed with the label Unique Vibes for the release as well as HEROIC for the marketing and distribution. This is the first partnership release for the three and has already produced a great response from fans.

Heroic Music Group and Unique Vibes logos
HEROIC Music Group and Unique Vibes Logos respectively

The song is very deep and according to Daniels,

“Is about trying to find love with someone in a world where traditional dating seems like it’s on its way out.”

While under Unique Vibes YouTube channel, Daniels has already amassed a staggering two million views in the past five months alone, not to mention almost five million views from other channels including his own.

Jake Daniels’ “Overrated” on Taj Tracks YouTube channel

The success doesn’t stop at YouTube and has translated to other platforms very well as he currently sits at roughly fifty thousand spotify followers.

If you havent already check out “Patient” now on all streaming platforms and follow Jake Daniels on Spotify and his socials to stay up to date. Dont forget to support your locals!!

Written By: Joshua Chaffer
Published: February 6th, 2021