“Liar” is the latest cinematic single from Upstate phenom Jake Daniels

Jake Daniels Liar
Cover art to “Liar

Taking just a few months to crank out his next smash hit, Jake Daniels is back with his latest cinematic masterpiece, Liar“. A tale of a woman whos ever so seductive, deceitful, and glamorous appearance leads her to a man obsessed with her devilish ways. This in turn creates a particularly toxic relationship that the man continues to go back too regardless of the pieces of his soul he loses along the way.

The track which is co-produced by Daniels and Norway based producer Birk B, is the first glimpse of his very first project coming soon. Crafting such a detailed story that could just as easily be made into a short film has become something of a calling card for Daniels. This being the 3rd single release for him so far this year and the first since late April when he dropped the ominous yet thrilling song “Killer“.

With more exposure now than ever including an astounding 100 million plus combined streams and views across all platforms, Jake is gearing up for an EP that he says is going to rock Upstate.

Photo of Jake Daniels
Photo of Jake Daniels

Preparing for the project he has signed with CloudKid, a German based full service label and curator who has signed other notable artists such as Alt Pop band Confetti and sister duo Neoni, each boasting over a million monthly Spotify listeners. “Liar” is set to kick off the EP and will be followed up by another single as well.

Cloudkid logo
CloudKid logo

The EP will be Daniels first ever project on streaming services and is assured to give fans some seriously dope tunes to dive into. With the additional push from CloudKid, “Liar” can potentially become Jakes biggest hit yet. They even have a visualizer for the song up now on their YouTube channel.

Be sure to keep up with Jake Daniels through his social links below, check out “Liar” on all streaming platforms and don’t forget to keep supporting your locals!

Written By: Joshua Chaffer
Published: September 15th, 2021