Mr.Mcbean drops classic in the making with Set EP

Cover to Set

Ithacas own Mr.Mcbean, one of the most prolific artists in the 607, released his latest project Set on major streaming platforms. The 7 track EP has everything you look for in a project with very high replay value. Wicked lyricism, great features and unbelievable production. I completely consider this to be a 607 Classic and dont see this losing its flare anytime soon.

Mcbean sets himself apart from the competition through his ability to attach emotion to his songs and consistently produces high quality lyrical content. Mcbean is the co founder of Ithaca record label Smacked Records and has signed notable artists and producers such as Anthony Kannon and Eyukaliptus.

Ithaca Hip-Hop is in good hands as we wait to see what Mcbean and the rest of Smacked Records has in store for us. Keep up with everything Mr.Mcbean through his social links below and dont forget to keep supporting your locals!

Photo of Mr.Mcbean

Written By: Joshua Chaffer

Published: February 27th, 2020

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