Process and Desisclever breakdown their hit collab EP Case Study

Cover to Case Study by Process and Desisclever
Cover to Case Study by Siknaste

In what is proving to be one of his most active years yet, DIM 136 member Process has dropped his third project of 2022 Case Study, by linking up with Nowaytoparadise producer Desisclever. The 6 track EP brings a range of sounds that Process fans have grown accustomed to as well as production we’ve yet to hear him experiment with.

Case Study is his sixth project release overall following up his most recent Beat Tape The Insomniac and collab EP Trust the Process with another Noway producer DuncanYoYo.

We talked with Process and Desisclever to get the scoop on how Case Study came to be, the Nowaytoparadise collective, and what songs almost didn’t make the cut. Read up on the full interview below.

What does the Cover depict and what came to your mind when you were thinking of the art ?

Process“ Des and I had already settled in on the Case Study name so that cover is pretty literal. I remember having this big Manila folder sitting in the studio and looking at it like yeah that’s it.

J.J. Wølfe took the shot of the original folder. I did a bit of editing then Casper a.k.a SikNaste took it over from there and boom we had a cover. It reminded me of what a case file looked like, like some FBI cold case shit sitting in a drawer somewhere. ”

Case Study can represent a wide variety of subjects, did anything besides the manilla folder inspire you guys to name the EP that?

Process I’m not always thinking of something deep haha. For me it was just about letting go and seeing what happens. You know that I’m usually at the helm of the production but like I said I let go and Des did his thing and made smash records. It was a case study in control and the question was how can you maneuver without it? ”

So what exactly is Nowaytoparadise, a group of local producers and engineers?

Desisclever” Noway is exactly that, local talent that we wanted to bring together. It’s already a challenge to navigate the industry as a rising producer/engineer so why not do it with a group? It originally started as an idea from a good friend of mine Casper as a way to help me sell beats. Back then there were no engineers either, just him and I and an idea. With help from Owen the website was built and we started promotion via Instagram using short snippets of anime edited over instrumentals. The idea quickly took and we wanted others we heard of and knew to be able to promote through noway, and here we are today. Mixing became the head of the conversation as we realized it’s a vital step in the quality of the final product so through the years a handful of us took up learning that side of it to help us cohesively tie projects together.”

Logo of Nowaytoparadise
Nowaytoparadise logo

You’ve made your last 3 projects Case Study, Trust the Process, and The Insomniac by collaborating with producers from Nowaytoparadise. How did you link up with these guys and how did it elevate your creativity?

Process-“I asked to join and they let me in haha. I remember I was so inspired by them, I still am to this day. Osiris, Andrew, Duncan, HB, Casper, Pierce aka Desisclever; they were packaging the music in such a unique way that I was just hoping I could be a part of it. I’m super glad they let me in because more than anything the camaraderie has lifted me up to better places both musically and mentally. There is also a nice amount of competition. Slight pokes and jabs that just make you want to be better. Somebody sends production through and you just sit there like damn why didn’t I think of that.

You produced one hell of a project here with Process, how did it begin? Did he already join Noway when you linked up?

Desisclever- “I’m glad you think so, we’re very happy with how it turned out. Once we got process to become an official part of the Noway collective, he started scrolling through the Instagram posts and would DM me the ones he really liked. I sent him the files over time and It added up to be the 6 that made Case Study! Very organic way of working, as this was my first time officially producing for process.”

What changes with your beat selection when collaborating with an artist like Process?

Desisclever“I really didn’t do much on the side of decision making, he picked from the litter that he liked on the NOway page and it all fell into place. I can say however, I have been a big fan of his music, so I was familiar with his discography, and to be honest, I wouldn’t have sent him Fame Or Knick Knack if he hadn’t requested them. Those were the two that seemed most experimental in my eyes, and I’m very glad he was the one making the choices, cause it might’ve not come to fruition if left in my hands!”

What/Who inspires your style of production?

Desisclever“As far as inspiration goes, it jumps to many places. I’m a huge fan of the resurgence coming out of Upstate/Central New York; have to tip my hat to Alchemist, Daringer, Roc Marciano, Denylaflare, Camoflaugemonk for carrying the production torch for the grime raw rap sound up here. As far as Atlanta trap music sound, Southside and Pvalce, Wheezy and ChopsquadDJ are definitely huge inspirations for me. Outside of that, I’m a big fan of Monte Booker, The Kount, Marc Ribellet, and Kenny Beats as well.”

What does the rest of 2022 have in store for you guys?

Process-“ I’m on a schedule. To say the least, I’ll be seeing everybody real soon”

Desisclever- I have a lot of work coming up over the rest of this year. Most of which will be mixing songs and albums. I have a hand in the production of some DuncanYoYo records, along with mixing those, and can confirm I have things in the works with Cory Loveless and Anthony Kannon as well. I’m also pressuring myself to step back up to the mic and put a few of my own albums out, which will feature production from members of Noway. It’s going to be a busy year, and Im very humbled and proud to have others trusting me.”

Be sure to check out Case Study below and on all streaming platforms. Keep up with Process and Desisclever through their social links and don’t forget to keep supporting your locals!



Written By: Joshua Chaffer

Published: June 12th, 2022