Process released self produced album “Candids”

Album Cover
Artwork by Process & J.J Wølfe

Dim 136 artist Process released his second studio album “Candids” this past Friday. The 13 track project is fully produced, mixed and mastered by Process himself. With two features coming from fellow group member J.J Wølfe and fellow hit maker Sheridan, this album is his best work put out so far without a doubt. The numbers reflect that as well as the album did close to 2 thousand streams in the first 4 days post release.

Process had this to say about his growth,

This is 4 days, it took me months with Beyond Me to hit these numbers”.

Clearly showing the growth in his own music and his fanbase. This also being his first project of 2020 and his first major release since his debut album “Beyond Me” dropped in 2019.

Process Debut Album “Beyond Me

Tracks like “Girls from home Interlude“, “Pretty Savage“, and “Talk My S**t” showcase just how varied the album is on the musical spectrum. There is a track on here for fans of almost any genre of music which is something process does regularly. Hes never stuck to one sound and transitions effortlessly.

Tracklist to “Candids”

For fans of dope and catchy songs with very high replay value hes got you covered too. “Fade“, “Blood Drunk Interlude“, and “Best Lie/Fake” are so good you pretty much have to run them back atleast twice. Piece by piece this album is one of our favorites of the year. Insane production, wild vocals and range gives “Candids” a vibe to it like few others have, making this a must listen on the year.

Check out the full album below, follow Process on spotify, and dont forget to support your locals!!

Written By: Joshua Chaffer
Published: November 5th, 2020

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