Sheridan drops 2nd studio album “On Myself”

Album Cover to “On Myself” by Autumn Stevens

Sheridan just released his second studio album titled, “On Myself” to all major streaming platforms just a few weeks after his successful first press release which included a high quality rollout of impressive CDs with accompanying hand written notes. An east coast artist from the 607 area of Upstate New York who lives a majority of the time on the west coast in California, Sheridan produces a wide variety of eccentric vocals in his music. He’s well known to draw inspiration from his past with the passing of his loving mother in 2019 as well as other difficult life experiences.

The inside cover to the “On Myself” CD

Genuinely connecting with his fans and just being himself through all the ups and downs of being a human being and the difficulties it brings are qualities that make him so relatable as an artist. This album is Sheridan in every aspect, a true 8 track artwork for the world to hear.

607 Sound talked to Sheridan about what the title of the album means to him, working with a local artist for the cover art, the breakdown of the album and more. Check out the full interview below!

What does the name of the album “On Myself” mean to you?

For my whole life until August 2019, I always had my mom to fall back on. She was there for me no matter what and even at my lowest points she was able to keep me afloat. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on this since she passed and I came to the realization that while I still have people who are there for me, it’s really me vs. the world now. No more easy routes and no more second chances because no one is there to save me anymore. This project is just very much me. It’s about my life… or, ‘On Myself’. Originality and relatability are 2 of the 3 most sought after traits in my music so I wanted to come off as real and honest as possible because I believe a lot of people can relate to the things I’m going through.”

The cover art is very intriguing and was done locally by an artist out of Ithaca, what inspired the design style and for you to look closer to home for the artwork?

Autumn and I have been good friends since the summer of 2015 when we were day camp counselors at Camp Owahta. One of my fan favorite songs, ‘Door Is Open’ had its cover art designed by Autumn and since then I’ve been really adamant about wanting to work with her consistently for my graphics needs. When I first hit her up about the art for ‘On Myself’, I had to give her a really tight deadline which she worked around beautifully. She asked for some similar cover art that I liked and I sent her things like ‘Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World’ & ‘Demon Days’ by Gorillaz. Not only was she able to bring my ideas to life, she’s been able to do so in a timely manner while keeping all other design elements for the promo campaign consistent. I highly recommend her for any of your graphic design needs but must warn you to hit her up far in advance as she’s only becoming less available.”

The album kicks off with a banger called “Wheres the Ref?” produced by 607 renaissance man and dim136 member Process which is also the track you used for the lead single. Were there any other tracks that you were thinking about making the lead single or did you immediately know?

I honestly have tracks that I decided to not even put on the EP that I considered for singles earlier on in the process. “Where’s the Ref?” was always in the convo as a single because the beat is so unique and I bring an energy and style to the track that isn’t typical of my released music, as versatile as I think I’ve been. Tracks like ‘Hell’ and the closing, album titled ‘On Myself’ were two of the songs on the EP that I considered, but I really think ‘Where’s the Ref?’ was the best way to come out hot”

Tracklist to “On Myself”

Were there other local producers that you got to work with for the album?

Yeah for sure. The project features production from Cosmo as always, and he also mastered the project together as a whole. ‘Where’s the Ref’ being my first released track with production from someone other than Cosmo opened the door for 6 of the 8 tracks to be produced locally. 2 of them including ‘Where’s the Ref?’ coming from 607 multitalented artist, Process. The 3rd and final producer included is upstate heavyweight, Jake Daniels who I’ve been working closely with over the last few months. I’ve really found a small solid team of local producers that I’m really happy with. Shoutout to DBrown Sounds who also did some mixing & mastering work on the project.”

You stated a while back on Upstate Aesthetics’ The Cypher, that you’ve been wanting a track with Don Pablo for some time now, is “The Don” the result?

I’d say ‘The Don’ is more so a Cortland victory lap. Drae, Don and I all grew up in Cortland and have known each other seperately for years so it seemed right to do a track with the 3 of us. There are a few other really great Cortland artists but this track specifically was a great fit for the 3 of us. As for Don and I, this might be our first song but it definitely isnt our last or even the only one we’ve recorded. Definitely be on the lookout for more music and visuals from us in the future.”

What’s the vision you had for the listeners experience when hearing the album for the first time?

As personal as the project is, I really want the feeling people get from it to be subjective. I may be writing about my personal experiences, but I truly want everyone who hears these songs to be able to relate them to their own lives. I expect the listener to get even different interpretations of the music than I ever thought of and those meanings are just as valid to me as my own.

Dont forget to support your locals by giving “On Myself” a listen today!! You can check it out below or on all streaming platforms!

Written By: Joshua Chaffer
Published: June 18th, 2021