Drumwork artist Lucky Seven breaks down his album Lucky and the Laser Gun

Lucky Seven album Lucky and the Laser Gun
Cover to LATLG by Q and Hazem

Lucky Seven out of Buffalo NY is one of the most eccentric and lyrical artists in today’s music scene. Signed to Conway the Machines‘ label Drumwork Music Group, he’s consistently been a standout among the heavyweights in Upstate hip hop.

Lucky and the Laser Gun is Lucky’s seventh studio album and his first major release this year. 607 Sound got a chance to chop it up with him about the breakdown of the album, working with Conway and what we could be seeing from him down the road. Check out the full interview below!

Q: Are you born and raised in Buffalo?

A: “Yes. I lived in Buffalo a good part of my life but I also lived in DC for a while and Brooklyn. Experiencing different cultures helped shape a lot about me today. While I was in school out in DC, I started my independent label, Howhood University Records at 18.”

Q: A few of your projects are inspired by anime and video games is that where the inspiration came from for this album as well?

A: Yeah. I’m big into stuff like anime and video games. A lot of my albums have those themes in them. Akira was my inspiration for LATLG. I think it’s one of the most iconic anime of all time and I like to give people a sense of nostalgia with all my music

Lucky Seven
Photo of Lucky Seven

Q: Who did the sick artwork for the album cover?

A: “I linked with my homie Q who is a anime illustrator. I wanted to work with him because he only draws black anime characters and he understands how to create that esthetic I’m looking for. He created the anime illustrations and then my man Hazem took the illustration and turned it into the motion graphic you see on the cover. I told them bout my vision and they brought it to life. I think they both are the best at what they do. They consistently put out the best work I’ve ever seen.”

Q: The features on the album are nuts with verses coming from Jae Skeese, Elcamino, and Flee Lord. Was there a feature you wanted on the album that didn’t happen and did you have a favorite song off the project?

A:I pretty much got everyone I needed for the album. My guy Rome Streetz and I were talking about a track and we tried to find time to fit him in before the release but our schedules never aligned. All the other features from Camino, Skeese and Flee really put the album on that level I was aiming for. They all delivered and I can’t really say which song if my favorite. The more I listen to it the more I find every song is my favorite for a reason.”

Conway the Machine record label Drumwork
Drumwork Logo

Q: How long have you been working with Conway and when did you sign to Drumwork?

A: “I linked up with Con about 6 years ago through my cousin/manager B. Burton.  At the time I had a studio in my place and Conway would come over to record and work on music. After a while we just started rolling together. He got to know how musically inclined I was and then I started helping him with his projects. Drumwork is fairly new. I have my own label but I also work with Drumwork on certain projects”

Q: Who is your favorite artist you have or have yet to work with?

A: “I fuck with family only. Right now I have to give it up to my guy Flee Lord. He one of the best in the game and no one works harder than him. We talk a lot and he’s always willing to get on a track and spar with me. I’ve seen Flee rise up in the game from the bottom to where he at now and that inspires me because I’m seeing the work turn into success in real time.”

Lucky and the Laser Gun merch
Limited edition LATLG hoodie

Q: The first set of album merch sold out extremely fast do you have another drop planned?

A: “Yes. The next drop will be first week of November. All of these upcoming drops will be limited and exclusive. Once those sell out, that’s it. No more will be made. My idea is to continue to put out new pieces but always change up the style so every piece feels like a collectors item.”

Q: The album has 6 different producers involved, including yourself on the track “Orange Soda” featuring Flee Lord. Have you always produced for yourself or is this something new you’ve recently dived into?

A:Since the first album, 53CREE: BAD LUCK I’ve fully produced my albums. Only recently I’ve been using other producers for my albums. I love being able to produce my own work but using other producers helps change the vibe for me. Some sounds I would never think to do, another mind would. I think it keeps the overall sound fresh. Mega love to Raisi K, Soundmason, Jay Chat, Darren Beats and Stu Bangas. There are a lot of great producers out there that would be as hot as any other producer but they might not have the large following. You gotta find those guys.”

Q: It’s dope to see you linked up with Raisi K out of Albany to produce two songs on the album how did that happen? Were you two already locked in prior to LATLG?

A: “You gotta dig and search for the gold. I think we linked by me tweeting that I was trying to find producers to work with. Somehow I ended up checking out his Instagram and every single post was some fire. He sent me a beat pack and the first beat I heard was the one for Nuke Dropper. When I heard that shit for the first time I did a double back flip. He’s been impressing me ever since.”

Q: What does the near future look like for Lucky Seven?

A: “More albums and more shows on the road. In November I drop Lasertron Arcade, the sequel to LATLG. December I’m dropping Merry Christmas Retro Gamer 4 and the beginning of the year I’ll be back on the road. That’s the formula. I’m going to keep pumping out undeniable music and get in front of peoples faces with this grassroots marketing. Lucky Seven will be traveling a lot in the near future and making headlines for the best music you’ve heard.”

Check out Lucky and the Laser Gun on all streaming services now and keep up with Lucky Seven through his social links below. Don’t forget to keep supporting your locals!

Written By: Joshua Chaffer

Published: November 2nd, 2021