Coughlin gives us a dose of reality with latest single “Ridin”

Cover to “Ridin”

Upstate artist Coughlin is gearing up to release his latest single “Ridin” on DSP’s August 20th. The track is a deep personal song about the loss of a loved one, the demons we battle daily, and the struggle of going on after. It speaks to feelings we all can relate to, but might not be able to transfer the emotion into something as productive as this track. He stays true to his brand of art and expression while opening up a piece of his heart for his fans like a window to the soul.

Ridin” is the first release from Coughlin since late November of 2020 when he dropped his powerful MBK Music Group debut, “Wake Up“. A song about powering through the endless battle of depression especially during the thick of the pandemic in 2020 when everyone was much more isolated from society.

The song resonated with thousands of people as it became his most popular song on Spotify yet with over 28,000 streams in just over 8 months. Nowhere near new to making music Coughlin is an Upstate veteran, he has four albums currently on streaming services dating all the way back to 2009 with his debut album Make it Count.

Cover art to “Wake Up”

The first verse begins with entering a vehicle and that alone is enough to risk your life. He reminisces on friends and loved ones while also telling the honest truth that no matter what life you come from be it rich or poor, the view is still the same out of a blurred car window. Life can effect us all in the same manner regardless of how you live yours.

Coughlin goes on to explain how people celebrate what they consider to be victories by indulging themselves at the bar with friends who do the same; All the while the true celebrated victory should be over the inner demons that plague the spirit which lead to detrimental decisions.

Watch the different scenes pass by like a 3rd party, don’t trip the view is the same through a KIA or Ferrari”

1st verse of Ridin by Coughlin

The catchy chorus then rings in as Coughlin rides into the night, absorbing all that as happened and discussing with his close loved ones his personal battles, because any small amount of conversation can help. This seamlessly transitions to the second verse which immediately puts Coughlin blurry eyed caught in a rough day in life which in his words can “brew the perfect storm”.

He then begins to discussing the bits and pieces we wish we had control over in life and the lack thereof such as who remains apart of your day to day life and those who leave it behind. As well as not recieving the love in return that was given to people close to you.

The third and final verse completely changes pace and cadence. Coughlin comes in stronger and more upbeat with a message that tomorrow isn’t promised but dont let your losses hold you back. We will always have a battle that needs to be fought but dont allow it to force you to live recklessly. Sometimes its okay to slow down. Just stay strong, go where your road leads you and never forget the stops along the way for those are what teach us how to keep ridin’.

We keep on getting high, this life is flashing by, tomorrows never promised but true legends never die”

3rd verse from “Ridin” by Coughlin

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Written By: Joshua Chaffer
Published: July 27th, 2021