Anthony Kannon looking to set Summer 21′ ablaze with onslaught of singles

Single covers to “BOW!”, “Loose Kannon”, “Kings Ransom”, and “Problems” respectively

Anthony Kannon is a man on a mission this year. On top of his successful collaboration album “Saint Kannon” with fellow Ithaca based producer and artist SAINT KID, he linked up with a local growing luxury clothing brand Vol Couer. The two released album branded hoodies and are rumored to have matching shorts on the way.

Saint Kannon album cover

We asked Kannon if it was a specific goal of his to collaborate with a local clothing brand or if it just happened that way, and he had this to say;

It wasn’t necessarily a goal to collaborate with a clothing brand. My goal was to have premium merchandise, unlike anything I’ve ever seen from rappers especially local. It just so happens that one of my best friends (Austin Love) was starting their own clothing brand as well. He is the sole proprietor of Volcoeur; the designer, the creator, etc.” Kannon adds, “Having tangible products; having something purchasable and exclusive that a consumer can purchase.. not only purchase but support, collect, however you want to paint it! It’s so important. It’s an invaluable asset to an artist

Kannon goes on to add,

Having tangible products; having something purchasable and exclusive that a consumer can purchase.. not only purchase but support, collect, however you want to paint it! It’s so important. It’s an invaluable asset to an artist

A Saint Kannon × VolCouer hoodie photo courtesy of Anthony Kannon

To the joy of fans of both artists he has also hinted at future collaborations with SAINT KID leaving the door open for a second and possibly third installment in the Saint Kannon series.

Keeping his foot on the gas and aiming to leave his mark on summer 21′, Kannon has released four singles since the album release with three in the past month alone and all with local production. He has a fifth single, “Problems“, on the way which all together create a five course lyrical meal for your ears spaced out over a few carefully planned months.

Cover art to “BOW!” by Castane Arias

The first of the most recent tracks is a super dope collab called “BOW!“, featuring fellow 607 artist AOHB and is produced by Pierce Dyrlie. Pierce has produced for Kannon on multiple occasions including the songs “Red Rum” and “Ghost“, the latter being his most successful single to date. This track is the first time Kannon and AOHB have teamed up and according to the two will not be the last.

Cover art to “Loose Kannon by Castane Arias

The single released next in order from Kannons catalogue is the bar stuffed “Loose Kannon” produced by Elmira based producer Shock One, who also solely did the production on Elmira artist Blicka Don‘s last album “Bar Study“. Kannon states,

I found out who Shock was through that(Bar Study), and shortly after we started working on our own catalogue. ‘Loose Kannon’ was the first track we made together, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

This track is exactly what the title implies. Kannon on the loose. A purely confident artist whos braggadocio is sought after and warranted in his music, Kannon loaded this up with double entendres and the kind of twist your face punchlines we have grown accustomed to.

Cover art to “Kings Ransom” by Castane Arias

Following the trend of wicked wordplay as is Kannon’s calling card but with very different production, “Kings Ransom“, the third single to drop in the last month, offers fans a different sound as opposed to the other single releases. Produced by Elmira based producer L2, Kannon tells us it was a friendship born through networking and a love of the current Upstate music scene. He says,

I actually met L2 through Blicka as well. We had spoken prior to meeting, and made some tracks that never came out. Before the pandemic hit, all three of us (Blicka, L2, myself) went to a Griselda concert in Buffalo together. We saw Benny, and even sat next to his family in VIP; Conway popped up, Flip Dinero, RJ Payne.. it was a crazy night. We clicked on spot, and knew there was more music to be made.

According to Kannon the two have more work in store for fans. Expect something different when these two collaborate as he goes on to say,

“Every time we link up I get to experiment with new flows that I don’t always dabble with on other types of production. It’s authentic and right up my alleyway”

Cover art to “Problems”

The final single which has yet to be released is titled “Problems” and is produced by Osiris, a 607 producer based out of Ithaca. Osiris has also worked with Kannon on several previous tracks including “Midas Touch“, which kicked off the wave of his single releases this year. While talking about the unreleased song Kannon says that he has visuals planned,

I have a video shot for ‘Problems’; I love the vibe it has. It sounds like a story when you hear it

Stay up to date with Anthony Kannon and all his latest releases through the link below and dont forget to keep supporting your locals!

Written By: Joshua Chaffer
Published: June 25th, 2021