O3 Kosta drops Tee Melly produced EP Alpha II

Cover to Alpha II by 03 Kosta

Releasing two projects in the span of 4 months, O3 Kosta is leaving his mark on the Upstate music scene this year. His second drop of 2021 is a 6 track EP titled Alpha II, which was fully produced and mixed by Tee Melly, another strong emerging artist from the 607 area of Upstate N.Y.

Alpha II is the first we’ve heard of O3 Kosta since he was featured on the song “91 Madonna” alongside Elmira veteran Blicka Don and Bronx based artist Haiko back in early June. The track is the only single that hes been apart of since his own last single release of “Publicity Stunt” back in late December of 2020.

Already the project has seen three songs make Kosta’s top 10 on Apple Music in just over its first week as well as the track “Last Man Standing” soaring to number two.

O3 Kosta’s top songs on Apple Music

Accomplishing this feat without the presence of a single feature is remarkable and speaks to the loyalty of his fanbase but also to O3 Kosta himself. This is the first project he has released with no features joining him and for it be on par with the success of his debut album Sammy Kosta is amazing. His debut gave life to “Dirty 30“, arguably his most successful song to date. A collaboration with fellow Elmira artist Yae Xantana, the track is number one for Kosta and three for Xantana on Apple Music.

Kosta managed to push his range even further than we heard on his last album Heart on Safety, in which he experimented with new vocals that led to some fan favorites such as “Baby 9ine“, “BB Simon“, and “Cold Outside” featuring Cherp. Two of which are also in Kostas top 5 songs. Every release he manages to statistically outdo his previous work.

Check out Alpha II on all DSP’s now and stay up to date with all of O3 Kostas releases through his social links below. Don’t forget to keep supporting your locals!!

Written By: Joshua Chaffer
Published: August 2nd, 2021