Music gives hope through the Corona Virus

Our world is going through a period in time like none we have ever seen. Society is practically shut down along with just about all forms of physical entertainment. People are being made aware for the first time what social distancing really is as we all try to find ways to stay occupied and safe.

Although the Entertainment industry is appearing crippled, many artists and fans alike are finding new ways to discover, network and continue their creative and inspiring ways.

Artists have been busier than ever making music in the comfort of their homes with makeshift studios, releasing unheard music and interacting with fans. While doing the best they can like the rest of us to stay occupied through this pandemic, they continue to give people positive energy and inspiration in a desperate time.

Mainstream artists like John Legend and Keith Urban have live streamed concerts to fans stuck in isolation to help lighten moods and give people some comfort through this Covid-19 outbreak, especially when concerts are currently impossible to host.

On the local side of the spectrum, Ithaca artist Anthony Kannon wasn’t able to perform all of the shows lined up on his first east coast tour as it mostly got post-poned due to the virus. Refusing to let it get the best of him however, hes dropped his newest single “Red Rum“, engaged with fans through Upstate Aesthetics weekly “Cypher” featuring fellow artist Sheridan; and is even hard at work on his next project.

In an attempt to get people to remain indoors as much as possible, local band Second Suitor gave away copies of their most recent project, a four track EP coincidentally called, Safe Space, to fans who responded to their Facebook post to remain inside.

As a result of the quarantines caused by the virus, Binghamton artist Gscaffa released a project at the end of February, called “Isolated Vibes Vol. 1“, the name being a direct correlation to the feeling we’ve all acquired from this pandemic.

Its clear even through the isolation and worry both fans and artists are more involved with music than ever. It’s very well what could keep alot of people going during these difficult times. Especially people who suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental illness.

According to surveys and marketing analytics, we listen to music on average about 4 to 5 hours a day through several different devices. That number is only going up during these quarantines.

Those that need music to help process emotions and/or to help regulate themselves are relying heavily on the ability to find and listen to what brings comfort to them in a very uncertain time.

If you’re a creator of music please keep finding safe ways to bring vibes and energy to the world. It’s going through a time we will never forget and what helped us all get through it will be remembered . Cherish the days you wake up and the family you have. Stay safe, stay healthy and spread support not sickness.

Written By: Joshua Chaffer
Published: April 10, 2020

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