O3 Kosta drops first project “Sammy Kosta”

Sammy Kosta cover
Cover to Sammy Kosta

O3 Kosta, a favorite in the 607, just dropped his first project called “Sammy Kosta on major streaming services. Packed with catchy lyrics and solid production, this is classic Kosta in his bag. If you haven’t heard him before this is a great introduction to his work.

An all around 607 prodigy, O3 has had a strong community following for a couple years now. Working consistently with different producers and videographers, building a reputation as a young hit maker and linking up with many other local artists have led to quite the catalog already for him in terms of overall quality and networking.

In the 7 track EP we get to see features from 3 very well known Elmira artists Yatti Montana, RickRude, and Yae Xantana. At only 18 minutes long, the project has high replay value and this is something O3 has become a professional at. Crafting dope and catchy songs with short run times that you just cant get enough of.

Stay tuned as Kosta will only be expanding his repertoire, growing as an artist, and bringing even more music to your ears. Check out “Sammy Kosta the EP below and don’t forget to support your locals!

Written By: Joshua Chaffer
Published: April 6, 2020

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