Sheridan drops 6th single of 2020

Sheridan just dropped his sixth single of 2020 on all major streaming services. Titled “Door is Open“, and produced by Cosmo, this is the fifth time this year we’ve seen this combo and for good reason. The two don’t miss.

Sheridan creates music on incredible levels that is rarely seen in todays music scene. Living a majority of his life in cortland while originally hailing from Colorado, his music has acquired a vast array of qualities not commonly heard in Upstate. Recent singles “Road Less Traveled” and “Lurking in the Night” could easily be mainstream songs on the radio. When compared to his 2019 debut album “Sheridan Carter Crane“, which showcases his emotion fueled deliveries and witty lyricism.

He connected with fellow upstate artist Anthony Kannon back in March to co-host Upstate Aesthetic‘s The Cypher, in which he helps critique local music and discuss his opinion on a wealth of local and mainstream topics. It also has inevitably led to fans of the show asking if the two will have any music collaborations in the near future.

As one of the fastest growing artists from the 607 in terms of pure ability, Sheridans got it. He has his own specific sound and a plethora of amazing tracks with great production and high levels of creativity that make his releases a must hear. Check out “Door is Open” below and don’t forget to support your locals!

Written By: Joshua Chaffer
Published: July 24th, 2020

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