Elmiras own Knoxxy & Blicka Don drop stunning collab album BLOODLINE

Bloodline album
Album cover to BLOODLINE by BAM

Two of the most prominent artists hailing from Elmira NY, Blicka Don and Eddie Knoxx, have teamed up to drop their very first collaboration album BLOODLINE. The title speaking to the fact the two are first cousins and that music and entrepreneurship runs in their blood. However these two are far from your average related musicians.

Photo of Blicka Don and Eddie Knoxx(Knoxxy)
Blicka Don(left) and Knoxxy(right) picture taken by Schar Studios

Blicka is the creator of SDU a.k.a Step Daddy United, a brand dedicated to increasing awareness and support for the men going above and beyond in stepping into a fatherhood role in a childs life. This is his second collab album with an artist from the 607, his first being YKTV with Cherp.

Knoxxy is the founder of legendary Dvmn Pigeon, a luxury clothing brand seen on celebrities like Offset, Chris Brown, Chinx Drugz(r.i.p) as well as singer and actress Zendaya among many others. This is her first collab album and her 6th project on streaming services since 2016.

Dvmn Pigeon and SDU logos
Dvmn Pigeon and SDU logos respectively

BLOODLINE is the first we’ve heard from Knoxxy since early May of 2020 and the first album of Blicka’s since he dropped his critically acclaimed Bar Study on new years night at the start of the year. An EP that earned him a sleeper pick from Parks on episode 408 of the Joe Budden Podcast.

Both artists have collaborated on previous tracks and videos that showcased their chemistry and musical prowess. One of the more popular songs from the two is an incredibly catchy song called “Uber” which had accompanying visuals as well.

Uber visuals shot by Double AJ

The two also participated in a remix of “All the Way Up“, the hit single from Fat Joe and Remy Ma. The video is one of legendary status in Elmira as five of the best spitters the town has to offer, Blicka, Knoxxy, Yae Xantana, Jon Fall and K.O Sauce of the Grove Gawds brought their A-game in a bar filled bonanza.

Elmira All the Way Up visuals shot by Moshii.Pictures

Clearly repping for their hometown is nothing new for Blicka and Knoxxy so it was only natural they brought that same energy to BLOODLINE. Bringing a bit of his R&B bag that he developed in YKTV along with his wicked punchlines and gritty rap we all know to be his calling card; Blicka knocks out every track one through eleven. Knoxxy is not to be outdone and not only matches the heavy hitting lyricism of her cousin but delivers some of the best chorus lines of her career.

The album also features two fellow 607 artists, the amazing singer K@T out of Elmira as well as the man who was voted Ithaca NY’s Best Rapper by the Ithaca Times in 2019, Anthony Kannon.

He’s featured on 3 songs on the album and just as many words can be used to describe his presence. He. Showed. Out. A lyrical Upstate heavyweight himself, Kannon brought the perfect mixture of bars and creativity.

Fans were ecstatic to see these two on the album as K@T previously worked with Blicka on the hometown favorite “Blurred Out“, and Kannon will be alongside him in the Crew 4 Hire album with MBK Richy coming soon, so this can be a sneak peek of what’s to come.

The insane production on the project comes from Scratxhy as well as Dee Blaze the Pyro, who engineered the entire 11 track project and is also repping Elmira, making this a true celebrated hometown creation.

As entrepreneurs and creatives, Knoxxy and Blicka were sure to include an advanced rollout with the album release. Available right now on dvmnpigeonny.com is the official BLOODLINE merch set, which can be purchased individually or as a bundle.

Dvmn Pigeon Bloodline Merch
Front of BLOODLINE shirt

The bundle includes the physical cd, the album documentary directed by Schar Studios, a poster, as well as a very limited run of T-shirts. Also available are BLOODLINE beanies and “Choosy” socks named after the fourth track on the album.

Bloodline Poster

BLOODLINE will be available on all DSPs September 28th. Until then click the picture below and get your physical CDs and album merch from Knoxxy and Blicka to check out this wicked piece of 607 history. Dont forget to keep supporting your locals!!!

Dvmn Pigeon Bloodline Merch
Back of BLOODLINE T-shirt

Written By: Joshua Chaffer
Published: August 10th, 2021