Corey Loveless shows out in new Canvas project with Anthony Kannon & Process

Corey Loveless Canvas
Canvas cover by WhoIsNicko

Corey Loveless of Dim 136 just dropped Canvas, a lyrical fusion of the best word play we’ve heard from Loveless yet. The project consists of two singles,Proof” featuring Anthony Kannon and fellow Dim 136 member Process. As well as “Narcissus” which also has Kannon joining in to do what he does best.

This being his first and final release of 2021, we sat down with Corey to find out who helped him create this work of art and what he has planned in the coming year. Read up on the full interview below.

Q: Why the title Canvas ?

“I titled this project canvas because I’m currently working on a three part mixtape series called palette. Three tapes three different sounds I figured canvas would be a good title to keep the painting theme consistent”

Q: How did you link up with Greek graphic designer WhoIsNicko for the cover art and whats the meaning of it to you?

I wanted to find something that aesthetically fit both Ant and myself I peeped that Nicko was working on the plug talk artwork and figured it’d be a good idea to get something from him especially since he does so well with the Renaissance style painting flips it worked out so well with my future release plans and ants current vibe”

Q: These two tracks leave an impression that you have seriously leveled up in your word play and rapping ability, was that a goal to prove with this drop?

I’m constantly working and improving I want people to hear noticeable improvements every time I drop that’s why I’ve been waiting for so long to put something out. I just really wanted to show people I could eat on a track before I started rolling out these tapes.”

Q: How did Kannon end up featured on both songs was that planned out that way?

This all came together really organically I see Ant pretty frequently especially at the time I pretty much was seeing bro like every day so this whole project wasn’t even planned. Casper just invited me over to his studio to show me some beats that he was working on with Osiris and he thought they’d be a good fit for ant and I. I showed Ant the beats as I got them in my email and it went from there.”

Corey Loveless and Anthony Kannon
Photo of Anthony Kannon(left) and Corey Loveless(right)

Q: Canvas was produced by Siknaste and Osiris, two very talented Upstate producers. Have you worked with them prior to Canvas?

Yes everyone who took part in this I consider to be a close friend and you’ll be hearing much more production from them on my projects in the near future”

Q: You’ve dropped two of your most recent albums “For…Anyone” and “Sunsets Over Burning Cities” in mid December, with Canvas making it a 3rd. Is this a time you specifically like to release music?

This just happens to be a coincidence I didn’t really plan on releasing anything this year so I just decided to drop this on the anniversary of for…anyone”

Q: What can we expect to see from you in the next year?

In 2022 expect three of my best projects and plenty of features… oh and the 607 sound tape

Be sure to check out Canvas now on major streaming platforms and keep up with Corey Loveless through his social links below. Don’t forget to keep supporting your locals!

Written by: Joshua Chaffer

Published: December 26th, 2021