Local 607 Artists to perform with 22GZ

Artists from the 607 are set to open up for Atlantic Records’ artist 22 GZ in Binghamton at the Spotlight from 5 to 9pm on Saturday March 21st, sponsored by Sackchasers Entertainment LLC and B. Macko Ent.

The 607 and a majority of Upstate New York have been putting the hip-hop world on notice. With more dope music, high quality videos, concerts, and attention to our area than ever before, now is the time for discovery. The sheer amount of local artists pushing their sound to the world is astonishing.

Several of these artists went hard enough to earn spots to open up for 22GZ, a talented rapper from Brooklyn who has been signed to Sniper Gang/Atlantic Records since 2018. We will get to see performances by Sackchasin Dee, Sackchaser Poon, O3 Kosta, Dee Shaun, Sha Racks, Zay Biggah, Pap Gz, and Lil Kei. You dont wanna miss out on history in the making.

For O3 Kosta, a favorite in the 607, this will be his first performance and fans cant wait. At a remarkably young age, he makes high quality songs and possesses a wide range of vocals to give his music great replay value. With Dee Shaun and Sha Racks, two hit makers who are also very well known in the 607 as relentless in their craft, this will be their second performance each. Sha Racks previously opened up for Troy Ave while Dee Shaun opened up for NY legend Jadakiss.

As for the Sackchasers they have multiple successful performances over the past few years. Their experience combined with the youth and fierce commitment of the other artists in this line up give this event great potential. Tickets are still available get yours at eventbrite now for just 15 dollars don’t forget to support your locals!!

Written By: Joshua Chaffer

Published: March 14th, 2020

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