Tmako released debut album “Welcome to Makowrld”

Welcome to Makoworld cover

Elmira artist Tmakocrazy just released his highly anticipated first album Welcome to Makowrld” on major streaming services. Tmako is one of the brightest young musicians the 607 has to offer.

At only 19 years old and releasing music as young as 15, he has worked hard to develop a sound and flow that’s unique. Equipped with a distinctive voice and style he creates music that resonates alot with the younger generation. But that hasn’t stopped him from collaborating with seasoned artists or producers to create different music. Already hes linked up with more than a dozen local artists over his career and continues to show love even on his first album release.

The 18 track album has 6 different features from local artists DMP, RyloC, 15KYLE, NuNuBanks, Yung Ramen with the shrimp, and O3 Kosta, who’s first project is dropping April 6th. Tmako and Kosta are familiar with each others styles and have previously collaborated on several hits such as “8 Mile” and “Longway“, the former also featuring an Elmira favorite, Strawhat Super.

He also linked up with Blicka Don, an Elmira hip hop veteran , when he was featured on his track “Hit Me Up at only 17 years old; Which according to a sneak peak track list will be seen on Blicka’s soon to drop mixtape “Just for Fun“. Be sure to check out “Welcome to Makowrld“, stay tuned for more from Tmakocrazy and don’t forget to support your locals!

Written By: Joshua Chaffer
Published: April 4, 2020

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